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Quando il Packaging Emoziona
Sara Albano, Prodigus (In Italian), March 2023

Narrative Paintings That Reflect The Strange and Dysfunctional

Realism Today, Articles, 2023

30 Great Artists & Their Paintings
Strom Scherie, Docent's Guide, 2022

Mortality: A Survey of Contemporary Death Art
Robert Shane, Brooklin Rail, March 2021

Conor's Creations on Show

Irish Independent, 24 August 2019

Conor Walton holds exhibition in Athlone

Wicklow News, August 2019

The best art exhibitions of the week
Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, 17 August 2019

Portraits of children: This week’s visual arts highlights
Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, June 15, 2019

The Illusionists
Joseph Bravo, TRACT, April 20, 2019

Hungry for art: food has always been a tasty subject for artists
Gemma Tipton, The Irish Times, November 27, 2018

ModPortrait - a vision spreading its wings
Natalie Holland, Medium, 22 July 2018

BP Portrait Award from an artist's point of view
Natalie Holland, Medium, 24 June 2018

The New Religion, BP Portrait Award
National Portrait Gallery, London, June 2018

El arte figurativo y el retrato pisan con fuerza en el Pablo Serrano
Alejandro Toquero, Heraldo, 4 June 2018

RHA Annual: No wallflowers at this rowdy art party
Gemma Tipton, The Irish Times, May 22, 2018

Selected Artists and Statistics - BP Portrait Award 2018
Katherine Tyrrell, Making A Mark, 12 April 2018

Bread and Butter Paintings
Cristín Leach,
The Sunday Times
17 September 2017

The New Nude
Walt Morton
Poets & Artists Magazine
Issue #86 July 2017

A celebration of Crazy Jane:
William Butler Yeats’ muse and wild woman

Catherine Sanz,
The Times,
22 July 2017

Art, Central Bank Debt Control and Money Versus Nature

Mark O'Byrne and Conor Walton
10 May 2017

Conor Walton: Pessimism, Painting and the Incandescent Spark
James Waller and Conor Walton
West Cork Review
17 February 2017

Sara Baume
Circa Magazine
2 November 2016

Synergy and Opposition in the Heart of ‘Glow’, Catherine Hammond Gallery

James Waller
West Cork Review
6 October 2016

One to Watch
Editorial Team,
Fine Art Conoisseur,
May/June 2016

Ideas for 2016: A year to paint a portrait
Gemma Tipton
Irish Times
29 December 2015

50 Memorable Painters 2015
Curated by John Seed and Didi Menendez,
Poets and Artists Magazine,
19 December 2015

Ten Memorable Paintings from 2015
John Seed, Huffington Post
19 December 2015

An Enemy of Progress
Andrew Webster, Fine Art Connoisseur,
November 2015

Art That Hurts
F. Scott Hess, Huffington Post
9 November 2015

Conor Walton Brings Memento Mori into the 21st Century
DEC 4TH, 2015

A Balanced Life
Mary Catherine Nolan
Visual Arts Newsletter,
September/October 2015

Conor Walton: The Painters Way
John Dalton
26 April 2015

Treasured: Why there's Still Life left in Fruit Bowls
Eleanor Fleg
Irish Independent
6 February 2015

Contemplating Higher Things
Interview with John Seed, Huffington Post
1 September 2014

Access to Incandescence
Interview with Andres Orlowski,
Combustus Magazine
23 May 2014

Black Hole
Niall MacMonagle, Sunday Independent,
24 November 2013

"This is a great time to be a cultural pessimist"
Interview with Conor Walton, Penduline Press, 15 June 2013

Jane Humphries, Irish Arts Review, Winter edition 2012/13

Under Wraps
Conor Walton, Artists & Illustrators, London, October 2012

Paintologically Speaking
Conor Walton, The Painting Imperative,
Autumn edition 2012

Contemporary Still Life
Sarah E. Fensom, Art & Antiques, New York, October 2011

Alt und neu, neu verpackt -
irischer Künstler in der Uker Galerie

Kjeld Thomsen, Der Nordschleswiger,
1 October 2011 (German)

Conor Walton: Allegories of Painting
Lise-Lotte Blom, Kunstavisen,
21 October, 2011 (Danish)

Happy Days
Conor Walton, The Irish Independent,
2 December 2010

Conor Walton
Jana Koroczynsky, Kultura,
25 November 2010 (Polish)

Lo Spirito del Guardiano
Paolo Lesino, I Guardiani dello Spirito, Milan 2010 (Italian)

Montessori pupils get special portrait to mark graduation
Irish Independent
June 24 2009

'I'd rather be up a mountain than in the museums'
Barry Egan, Sunday Independent, 8 March 2009

Irish Artist Reinvigorates Vanitas Genre
Martin Murphy, Epoch Times (New York) 26 February 2009

Conor Walton, Landscape and Still Life
Martin Murphy, Epoch Times (Dublin), 19 February 2009

Popular Dances: Joint Issue Ireland/Spain
Collectors News, Issue 26,

Spain and Ireland Celebrate Dancing on New Stamps
07 November 2008 by Sarah Sharpe - ©

An Post Dances to Spanish beat, 6 November 2008

You've been Framed
Gemma Tipton, The Irsh Times,
December 1 2007

Splashing Out
Kate Holmquist, The Irish Times,
9 December 2006

A Slice of a Century of Winning Art
Irish Independent, July 8 2006

Best to ease off on the Symbolism
Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, June 28 2006

Back to Life
Frances Childs, The London Telegraph,
3 September 2005

Gorilla Apes Sitters on Art Shortlist
Dalya Alberge, London Times, 30 April 2005

Gorilla Portrait up for Art Prize
BBC News, 29 April 2005

Kerry Lovers and a Gung-ho Pagan
Declan McCormack, Sunday Independent,
13 April 2003

Art investment can be Picture-perfect Move
Ib Jorgensen, Sunday Independent,
24 November 2002

Irish Artists pick up the Prizes at Italian Show
Ciara Ferguson, Sunday Independent,
9 January 2000

Solitary Enshrinement
Declan McCormack, Sunday Independent,
28 March 1999

Charts for a Way Forward
Aidan Dunne, Irish Times, April 7 1999

The Italian Connection
Mary O’Sullivan, Sunday Independent,
29 November 1998

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