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Sol Art
Dublin, Ireland

CK Contemporary

San Francisco, USA

Arcadia Contemporary
Los Angeles, USA

Anarte Gallery
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Beaux Arts Bath UK

Peppercannister Gallery
Dublin, Ireland

Gormleys Fine Art
Dublin and Belfast, Ireland

Galerie L'Oeil du Prince
Paris, France

Nexus Gallery
Tinglev, Denmark

Gallery Pan
Oslo, Norway

The Scottish Gallery
Edinburgh, Scotland

Greenacres Gallery
Wexford, Ireland

The Chimera Gallery
Mullingar, Ireland

Catherine Hammond Gallery

Skibbereen, Ireland


The Art of Composition with James Cowman

The Art of Composition with James Cowman

The New Religion

An Ape's Limbs Compared to Man's

Three Tomatoes

Purple Grapes

A Dying Art

A Loaf of Bread

How 'Pushover' evolved

Muscat Grapes timelapse

Guest Lecture at Donnybrook Art Studio

Party Animal

'La Figure Humaine'
Geraldine Byrne Nason, Ambassador of Ireland to France, opens the exhibition

The Dream of the Central Banker

Green Grapes

Red Grapes

Butter zoom

Painting Pears


Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Conor Walton painting a bunch of grapes (Video by Christian Daly)

Mick O'Dea RHA opens Conor Walton's 'Vanitas' exhibition at the Peppercanister Gallery, 2013

Neil Hannon timelapse (Sky Portrait Artist of the Year 2014)

'Elements' exhibition in Bath opened by art historian and Goya expert Dr. Sarah Symmons in 2013

The Undraped Artist: Jeff Hein interviews Conor Walton

The Artist's Well - Episode 13 - Conor Walton

Art School Live with Eric Rhoads

Inbetweenisode with John Dalton, Conor Walton interviewed 0:57:30 - 1:58:29

Conor Walton interview with John Dalton

'Off the Coast of Utopia': Conor Walton interview with Martinho Correia